Friday, October 22, 2010

When a KSU prays for extension..

This is the most critical point in a career. A minister understands this too well. Those few months are most important for a minister to push through things. The poor guy will gulp everything to the last drip even his own saliva. It is not difficult to guess who and why. A KSU with a doctorate will swallow his own pills to ease the tense feeling. It is worth every minute and every penny. He will bring in a flight of friends (even the most dubious) to continue the legacy at every corner. Friendship is funny because the glue used is telco and ict, that will bind them for million of years and dollars. He just lost his right hand-man, and that must have left a lot of pain which requires deep soul searching. The recent story about Rais Yatim has nothing to do with this. A broken bracelet, a plate of greed, a bowl to be cleaned, a heartless heart. I know, he will seek no extension because he got it all......

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