Saturday, March 07, 2009

5 'foreign' robbers shot dead

Maximum sympathy should be given to the police in keeping our place safe and secure. What else would the policemen do, when someone refused to stop for police search. To make the matter worse, they sped off and shot first. Thats what a typical politician fails to understand. Politicians can get off with irrational verbal spree but police do have pistols by their hips.

Now that police reports are pouring in madness, as politicians are playing partisian ploys, police hands are full and tight. So they do need some sympathy from us.

Foreign robbers shot dead
March 7, 2009

FIVE men believed to be Vietnamese were killed in a shoot-out on Saturday in the northern Philippines after they staged an armed robbery, police said.

Wira Ayub Yaakob, Penang state police chief said the shooting happened when the five, along with three other suspects, were making their escape in two cars after robbing 11 Vietnamese factory workers.

The suspected robbers opened fire after police stopped their getaway car, Mr Wira Ayub said, hitting the rear windscreen of the police patrol car.

'The policemen, in defence, fired several shots at the car and killed the five men in it,' he was quoted as saying by the Bernama news agency.

'A pistol, a live bullet, two ski masks, 11 machetes, a metal cutter and a crow bar were found in the car,' he added.

The police chief said officers had in recent weeks launched a crackdown in the area on foreign criminals, especially Vietnamese, who might have lost their jobs due to the global economic downturn. Mr Wira Ayub said police have launched a manhunt for the remaining robbers. -- AFP