Sunday, March 08, 2009

ISSUE: Fish Container

It was many years ago when fish were last transported in wooden boxes. Plastic boxes wasn't received with open arms then. The minister must has been Sanusi Junid if I am not mistaken. But people simply got to get used to changes, whats more if it was for the good.

Whenever there is changes, some will be affected. In the old days, it was the supplier of wooden boxes, and of course if we want to go down, then the tukang too. Green people will love the introduction of plastic boxes or containers because that would mean less trees chopped down.

This insulated containers are meant to preserve the quality of fish during transportation. I thought it was good. We may make a little comparison with other countries how they deal with fish transportations. We just have to get on with the tide. I heard singapore is very stringent with anything we send there; fish, ayam, sayur and fruits.

The timing of this introduction is well within the downturn of economy. A bit sad and the insulated containers cost alot more. But some look at things with political perspective. Coincidence may be, but shrewd politicians are angling in clear water at leisure. Just look at the recent parade to Istana Negara. I dont expect Mat and Hatta to be there ..

  • Fish Container ruling rescinded
  • by Syed Azhar
  • Sunday 8 mac 2009
  • Jeli

The fish shortage in the Klang valley is expected to end now that the Agriculture and Agro Based Industries Ministry has rescinded the mandatory directive for fish importers to use insulated containers from one supplier for imported fish.

Its minister Datuk Mustapa Mohammed said after meeting fish importers coupled with the current economic situation, it was not mandatory but on volunteer basis for fish importers to use the insulated containers as a pre-requisite to importing fish.

“I had a meeting with several importers recently and with immediate effect, importers of fishes can use the insulated containers on a volunteer basis and those using it can expect incentives from the government next week.

“So, the issue over the containers is now considered closed and we are now encouraging fish importers to use insulated containers whenever they bring in fresh fish into the country,” he told reporters after launching the national level Veterinary Month 2009 at Puapatani R&R here on Sunday.

Mustapa’s ministry received flak from the importers following the move to enforce the use of the insulated containers to bring in fresh fish beginning March 1.

The move was aimed at ensuring the freshness of the imported fish but the containers cost much more.

Since the implementation of the ruling last Sunday, several fish importers and wholesalers in some states had threatened to stop their operations if the directive on the use of the insulated containers was not reconsidered as they viewed it as impractical and burdensome.

In 2006, Malaysian Fisheries Board (LKIM) had come up with the ruling on the use of the insulated containers but had to put it off following problems including complaints and objections from fish importers who said it led to higher operating costs.

Mustapa said his ministry was trying its best for years now to implement the directive but had shelved it from time to time because of objections from the fish importers.

“My ministry is merely trying to improve the situation for the betterment of the importers and the safety of imported fish.”

At the same press conference, Mustapa said he had directed his officers to allocate a month to concentrate on the fishermen, livestock breeders and farmers as a measure to systematically address their problems properly.

“For example, all my officers will be concentrating on farmers for the next 30 days and we want to record all the grouses brought up by this group of people,” he said.

“Next month, my officers will concentrate on livestock breeders and so on and make it mandatory that they document all the grouses in a book.

“This way my officers can get down to solving, if not all, at least the major problems faced by these groups. Then idea is to look into all their problems,” he said.

Refer: Fish container ruling rescinded