Thursday, March 05, 2009

Police, Crime, Society

I dont know for real, but i suppose police force help in ensuring a safe environment for everyone to live. What I wrote has no technical standing, but thats what I have been assuming.

Then there is crime, and police will come in to investigate for some further action. Of police overdoing, we probably have to accept of its love and hate things. Go slow, you get nothing. Go hard you may get something. It is difficult to point that as brutality because it lies within their scope of duty i.e. to extract information during interogation. But to cause a death is a crime.

Kugan's case stands out because like it or not, for a brief moment, indians to a certain extent are destined to be untouchables. Some say, it was Anwar's doing. But for Lingam, yet another breach of privacy, people screw him to pieces. It suits political stance of some. Anwar smiles like terrapin, and Abdullah grins like tortoise. While Elizabeth Wong went off to some nice island to clear up cloud of intimacy screw-up. PKR accepts her on conditions. That hurts.

There are people now willing to shout louder for deaths at traffic lights and cul de sacs. Police always end their report as "the person was shot as he was shooting the police, and he was on wanted list for armed burglary", or something to that effect. It doesnt matter if the person shot is a malay, a chinese or an indian. Now some shrewd guys are championing the case of "criminals" shot by police.

As days go by, we may be torn apart between seeking justice, political pressure and seduction, keeping society safe, and a believe in law and order.

Kugan was a sad case. Perak is another sad case played up by school kids. I guess we had enough. Lets police come up and play their role and if anybody thinks they are better, by all means join police force .......