Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Alfatihah, Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed

Second death at Malaysian anti-corruption body
Posted: 06 April 2011 1809 hrs

KUALA LUMPUR : Anti-graft officials on Wednesday found the body of a 56-year-old man at their agency's office, the second such mysterious death of people involved in investigations.

The body of customs deputy director Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed was found at the bottom the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) building in the capital Kuala Lumpur.

His death has sparked widespread criticism against MACC, which said Ahmad was among 62 customs officials detained on April 1 and later released as part of a major campaign to battle corruption and money laundering.

The agency said Ahmad had come to its office to meet an anti-graft official, adding that an officer had led him to a waiting room on the third floor of the building.

The MACC said subsequently they found the body of Ahmad sprawled on the first floor.

Rumit untuk mengulas, sebab kita tak sepandai Dr Pornthip Rojanasunan. Lebih baik kita sedekah fatihah saja.. Jangan buat perangai nak teka-teka. Ini bab kematian. (Lawyer dan MP bukan Islam, depa peduli apa.....)