Thursday, April 14, 2011

Anwar, please play by the game.

Be melancholic about life, it's alright. Life isn't necessarily limited to counting deeds, dosa and pahala. Life is hinged on timeliness, where happenings require people, issues, and the exactness of time. Time as we know never inflate or deflate as Einstein amply put it. Another world maybe, not here, earth as we know it, or planet Xp20etq known to aliens (?)

He has been playing brutal politics..., making friends, pushing friends, creating enemies an so on. He kicks asses.., and rises fast. He is so cunning, and shameless.

He loves to shoot with imaginery bullets.

Lets play by the game of brutal politics..., dirty and shrewd. Politics has been dirty even before the word politics was made famous by philosophers of the old days. Politics as an avenue is as old as prostitution on profession.


Anwar, please allow eskay and rahim to cut you to pieces politically. On that point, you should play the rule of the game. Don't say Nala and RPK as a bunch of criminals. It's you Anwar, after all. Don't you remember what Mahathir had said in one of the many perhimpunan agong, "Oh its you Brutus..."