Thursday, April 28, 2011

Anwar: after the second video.

The whole thing is becoming very tactical. Everyone seems to be taking a slow move. The second part of the naughty video was released to spice things a little bit. It's fun in a way. People can have a good laugh after a long political campaign in Sarawak. It's very much Anwar's turn now to be defensive. He cant hide his anger, not any more.... His questioning technique to the lady reporter, was so low, that one wonders how Anwar had lost his fair balance, his cunning political stature is showing every indication of collapse. He is behaving like a bad street boy.

Pity, Azizah and Nurul Izzah have to swallow the most bitter experience of their lives. Earlier they felt necessary to question the big belly, and now they had to say no to the big penis.

At one point, there is a need for Anwar not only to open the shirt to show his belly, but to pull down trousers and underwear to show his secret true size! That would be fun.

He had his fair share, when Rahim and Ghafar succumbed to his checkmate move. It is only fair to allow others do the same to him. He can't behave like a bad loser.

Anwar, be a sport!!