Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Brokers in the goverment

Lets define what is this animal "broker". In the old days, brokers are considered great cheaters because, they get a certain percentage out of a transaction. You talk to a broker about lands available he will sweet talk you and bring you to a point, about land A is available this much, and land B is available too that much. The figure you hear is definitely higher than what he will talk to the landowners. The difference is his.

Present day, brokers are highly sought after. Their skills are tremendous. Some are decent and honourable. Some cheat along the way, selling fake land titles. Banting murders highlighted the dark side of land dealings.

There are brokers too in the government set-up. Haven't you heard names you got to know to secure contracts or jobs. Call it kaki or what, they invariably perform their job well, with skills they had mastered over the years.

For that reason, the government had imposed a ruling, a person should not stay on certain critical post for more than five years, especially in areas where budget, contract, procurement is the core activity.

Generally brokers are alright. They are honest, but sad, some go overboard!.... It is fair to push them to the sea. Let them cry for help. I know a guy who need such treatment!!