Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim's "Art Of War"

In any battles, every commanders and Generals would hatched-up tactics and strategies to gain an upperhand over their enemies. The ruses deployed in the old days when swords and arrows conquer the battlefield, among is to set-up tents under the guise of a battalion's resting grounds to invite the enemies to attack an empty targets. When this was done, and the enemies found out their ruses, arrows began to swarmed the skies to slaughter thier foes, giving the master-strategist Generals an upperhand in launching attacks.

In the modern days, no one can rebut that the master-tactics is none other than espionage. The spies work, gather infomations, sabotages from within normally quite effectively. When Anwar Ibrahim in many dictums, claimed of 30 or more ...

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