Saturday, June 21, 2008

Anda tidak akan percaya apa yang tumbuh dalam pasu

Interest in patio vegetable gardens and edible landscapes is going through the roof. We have known that this explosion was going on in Europe and wondered if it would hit here, too.

At the annual industry trials in early spring, a company called Floranova showed us the future, and it looks mighty tasty. They had created at their trial site a deck and patio with bountiful hanging baskets of tomatoes like Tumbling Tom, as well as a yellow version. They also had containers with small but sturdy Totem tomato plants that were loaded with fruit.

The Buckingham yellow zucchini squash, the Balmoral acorn squash and Windsor pumpkins surprised most of us. The containers were loaded and ready to harvest.

Other containers, not large ones either, were filled with peppers — sweet ones like Mohawk and Redskin as well as hot ones like Cheyenne. Klik disini untuk selanjutnya : You won’t believe what grows in pots