Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh, Mr Minister.

There was a day when a top officer of a ministry had to caution the group to toe the line (or to obey the directives?). He said " you know our minister...." The rest just kept quiet. But then how do we translate that little remark into the bigger political landscape?

That was not the first time it seems. There were series of such instances, even in the previous ministry that the said minister had been holding office. Good camouflage in form of excellent publicity stunt managed to hide ill-advised agenda. Of course, as anyone would expect, business people from his state paraded around like vultures. Coffer is cleaned and structure in disarray.

Those who are keen on this monetary maneuver for a few dollars more, are smiling like dogs. Those who wish to hold on to the last thread of integrity eyed with suspicion and shun away. That would probably be the reason why more voters are shying away from BN and UMNO. Some leaders are too greedy and dirty, and just to make them look clean, they pay millions on publicity stunt to paint rosy pictures.

Lets not give names. There is no need. Tok Pa from Jeli defines a standard beyond reach by most. Clean UMNO politician is a dying breed. And if voters vote for oppositions, they themselves (the politicians) are to be blamed, those damned ill-advised and greedy ministers.

Oh, Mr Minister. You really have to change.