Sunday, September 19, 2010

politics and students

Oh the minister had spoken. Let students concentrate on their studies and excel. Politics may just disturb the route to success. He may not know the real truth, even at the present moment, students are highly political, so must so that there is a real big shift in voting preferences among the young voters.

The Star has reported this on the 10th of September 2010 “The world has so many problems. We want the universities to provide the right role for studies, We do not want political parties to come in,” Khaled said when asked if the AUKU Act would be amended to allow university students to participate in politics.

Oh well, we are too busy to be looking extremely good, that voting trend is never our concern. After all the effort, of hefty study loans, and off the cuff announcement of repayment exemption for first class, we are too indifferent to read in between lines and colours. The truth may linger around this; Political awareness among students is not all about bringing political parties to the campus. There is a real need to develop political awareness, the ability to observe and weigh situation.

On the hindsight, a little conclusion can be made, that we don't have the meat to face the real challenge. All the looking good propaganda stunt left us so helpless, that a little hot spot is too much for a sweet sun bathing at a sandy beach down south. A friend is observing a different tone taking place, first by being critical to perkasa, and now by showing indifferent attitude towards freedom in campus. I am sure, there will be more to come.