Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Story of Dol and Gor

There is another damning story about true friendship of Dol and Gor and others within the circle. Forget it, we are not going to expose the episode of 50K changing hands while playing ski (not ski?) over in Bandung and while hiking up the mighty mountain over the other part of the country. Those are little things that will warm anybody's blanket and set the dream far and high. Come to a point, the whole thing is so addicting. Yes, we may be right about them not robbing anybody's purse. The are not hinting about declining the tactful offer either. We then pity the little guys in blue taking RM20 over traffic offense and duly exposed like dirty culprits.

Dol is a true character, so charming and clever. Gor is a lazy bump. As long as their addictions go on, Gor will never fall because Dol is always there for a hand. The other day, Gor is about to fall in disgrace, Dol came in to help and put him even higher.

Kok had been helping so far, but with Gor around, the whole team is complete to grab and bulldoze anything.

Little guys will shy away, and so are the votes. But the minister keep talking to local folks holding his colar, like a real humble, honest and shy person. He got so much to hide, not only within his batik shirt but the whole dirty politic that distract people from getting closer. He can never depend on Man Burger, Pin Cendul, and Tan Kayu, because these people are just naive and crazy. The real fear is within the hands of the general public that has been putting up watchful eyes. Badrul and Khairul were not even aware that their cunning transactions was recorded.

They don't care about these people, the masses. For Umno to live with the right spirit and vision better and sincere leaders will soon come forward and replace.

Oh, Mr Minister.