Saturday, November 29, 2008

ANWAR IBRAHIM stays mum: malaysiakini and blogsphere

As a leader, Anwar should stay mum on his plan to topple the present government. For a change lets read what bloggers say about him and his chances. Lets compare Malaysiakini and blogsphere...

From Malaysiakini
Anwar stays mum over Sept 16
Beh Lih Yi | Nov 29, 08 4:04pm
PKR Congress The opposition leader, again, fails to offer any explanation over his aborted plan to topple the BN-led federal government in a much-awaited speech.
'He will explain at ceramah tonight'
Gearing up for Sarawak election


Still...Nothing Happen on September 16..

September 16, 2008. A beautiful sunny day, a day when Malaysia was found. On September 16, 1963, Malaya (the Peninsular), together with Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak form a new country called Malaysia, but Singapore was later expelled in 1965.

However, the September 16, 2008 is indeed a very special day, not to celebrate Malaysia Day but the country was in chaos where rumours spreading extensively about changing government. In Chinese term "Bian Tian". I received hundred of calls asking whether there is any "Bian Tian?" or changing of government? I patiently answered every call and calm everyone who had called me.

My answer is simple: "Its all bullshit!" or in Chinese "Yi Pai Hu Yan!". I said "If Anwar has got more than 31 defectors, then he could just go to the Palace, meet the King and form a new government under his leadership, why keep lying to the public that now even though he has the numbers, but "choose to meet PM to discuss on peaceful transition of power", isn't that funny?"

I continued: "Looking back to any history in the world, no one seized power by having numerous press conference, telling the world that they have enough power but want to wait for the best time, a day or two, for the current PM to think a best way to hand over. That is ridiculous and preposterous! Seizing power is usually done in a strategic and quiet way and when everything are in place, seize the power and form new government!" Keep announcing will only show you are playing a psychology warfare and keep blowing the lie bigger and bigger until it explode one day."

The PM put it even more accurate in his pc by saying "Do you think Anwar wants to see me if he got enough defectors? He would storm into my office (PM Office), with hundred of his follower screaming "victory".

What is there to wait for? Organize your MPs (if enough) to go to see the King and be ready to swearing in as new Prime Minister.

Anwar Ibrahim could not answer questions threw on him during his pc that he could only announce unjustified numbers of MPs he got to topple the BN government. The mendacious information revealed by him had caused chaos in the country, to the extend some even take a leave and stay at home waiting for the latest update (as reported in newspaper).

I am waiting...not when PR could take over the government, but when Anwar Ibrahim's lie would explode and his credibility varnished.
I enjoy every moment from September 16, 2008 and waiting Anwar's political ploys that are too dramatic to be missed.

I pray to God, let the truth to be revealed and save Malaysia from disaster.

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