Thursday, November 20, 2008

Singapore Zoo Tiger: Tiger attack caught on camera phones

> Zoo cleaner Nordin Montong’s final few minutes before he was mauled by three white tigers at the Singapore Zoo have been captured on camera phones and circulated on the Internet, reported Harian Metro.

Nordin, 32, died in the attack by the tigers last Thursday.

One of the witnesses, student Nizam Zainal, 16, said he thought the cleaner was one of the performers for the animal show.

Nizam said Nordin appeared calm until one of the tigers “slapped” him with such force that he fell onto his knees, causing visitors to shout in panic.

The video and images circulating on the Internet show one of the animals sinking its teeth into Nordin’s neck as the other two tigers ap­­proached.

In another video clip recorded by Aziz Ansari, 16, the victim was seen trying to escape the attack by kicking the tiger.

Aziz said he saw Nordin trying to jump into the moat but failed as he was blocked by the other two tigers.

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