Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gua Musang nomination goes to go Dr Khir, not Khairy

Umno has given the disputed nomination from the Gua Musang division to Datuk Seri Dr Khir Toyo and not Khairy Jamaluddin.
The Umno Youth secretary Datuk Abd Rahman Dahalan said in a statement that the Umno management committee had made the decision two days ago to accept the Kelantan Umno liaison committee’s decision to recognise the Oct 23 Youth meeting and not the Oct 25 one.
On Oct 23, Gua Musang picked Dr Khir as its choice for the Umno Youth chief post.
However, the Gua Musang division chief Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah declared that meeting was invalid and ordered that it should be re-convened. The Oct 25 meeting picked Khairy for the Youth top post.
Another disputed nomination is from the Gelang Patah division. In its Oct 11 Youth division meeting, it had picked Khairy for the movement’s top post.
However the following week, nine of the division’s Youth exco membes said they were not happy with the manner the meeting was conducted and threatened to resign unless there was a new meeting re-convened.
Abd Rahman said the Umno headquarters held a tribunal at 2pm Wednesday on the Gelang Patah issue and called the state liaison, the Johor Youth and the Gelang Patah Youth to discuss the appeal.
As for the Labuan Youth, the Umno management committee decided that a new meeting should be re-convened on Nov 29 which would be handled by the Umno headquarters and Federal Territories state liaison committee.
Umno has also directed three Umno branches in Seremban to reconvene their meetings but added that this would not have any effect on the Youth division meeting and its nominations.
Abd Rahman said he hoped that those divisions and branches which would have to hold new meetings would do so in an orderly manner in a family atmosphere so that there would be no repeat of controversies.

tunku : the umno disciplinary committee should investigates thoroughly what went wrong in gua musang and few other divisions which had similar case like gua musang. sometimes its dr khir and sometime its kj, what's cooking?

Gua Musang nomination goes to go Dr Khir, not Khai...