Friday, November 21, 2008

Singapore Zoo: White tiger attack posted online

A week after Singapore zoo cleaner Nordin Montong's death as a result of him jumping into the white tiger enclosure and being attacked by the animals, video footage of the 32-year-old being set upon by two of the three big cats in the enclosure have surfaced online.

The video which was obviously taken by visitors to the Singapore Zoo was very recently posted on a number of video sharing sites.

Though the family of the dead man have already seen a version of the video, this is the first time that video footage of the attack has been made available to the public.

In the 46 second clip, you can see one of the tigers biting Nordin Montong. Shouting and sirens can also be heard in the background as those present try to distract the tigers.

Towards the end of the clip, the zoo staff comes up to stop the visitors from filming the horrific scene.

Now the question is, as one AsiaOne reader puts it if the posting of this footage was done in in bad taste and 'disrespectful' due to the graphic and gory nature of the incident. source:White tiger attack posted online
AsiaOne, Singapore

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