Friday, November 21, 2008

Shocking Video: White Tigers Maul Man To Death At Singapore Zoo

by Jim BroganThe Post Chronicle

Three white tigers are responsible for mauling a Malaysian to death in Singapore's zoo last Thursday. The tigers attacked the man after he jumped into their enclosure, a zoo official said.

Malaysian Nordin Bin Montong, 32, was working as a cleaner at the zoo, leapt into the moat of the white tiger exhibit and was attacked, said assistant director of zoology at the Singapore Zoo -- Biswajit Guha -- in a statement.

Zookeepers nearby were alerted by the noise from the attack and they eventually managed to distract the tigers and free Nordin.

"Keepers managed to separate the worker from the tiger. While waiting for the ambulance, our vets attended to him," said Guha. "The worker tragically succumbed to his wound."

According to Singapore's Straits Times newspaper, Nordin was seen behaving in an aggravated manner before he entered the moat. Horrified visitors near the section observed the vicious attack and screamed, the paper said.

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