Sunday, May 12, 2013

SINGAPURA tangkap 21 rakyat Malaysia..!!!!!

21 rakyat Malaysia ditangkap di Singapura.

SINGAPORE: Police arrested 21 Malaysians after they were caught staging a protest at the Merlion Park at 4.50pm on Saturday, reported the Straits Times.

This despite earlier police advisories that such gatherings are against Singapore's laws.
"The police would like to reiterate (that) while foreigners are allowed to work or live here, they have to abide by our laws.
"They should not import their domestic issues from their countries into Singapore and conduct activities which can disturb public order, as there can be groups with opposing views.
Those who break the law will be seriously dealt with," said the local newspaper quoting a police spokesman as saying in a statement.. -- BERNAMA

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