Friday, November 07, 2008

Malaysiakini: The new KJ: Can he survive?

The new KJ: Can he survive?
Ong Kian Ming & Yun Yang | Nov 6, 08 12:26pm

Khairy Jamaluddin, the current No 2 in Umno Youth, who is involved in an uphill struggle to win the Umno Youth chief post, has been trying to reinvent himself in the press by noticeably shifting to a more moderate, liberal and progressive position from his earlier career choice of portraying himself as a Malay ultra.

What can explain this perceptible shift in what has to be a strategic decision on his part? It surely cannot be because he hopes to win more votes among Umno Youth delegates by portraying himself as more moderate than his opponents.


A politician has a political base. With a single nomination from Tampin Negeri Sembilan, where is Khairy's base? Of course we will have to wait for the outcome of Rembau and Seremban meetings. I doubt Seremban. Rembau may give Khairy a nod half-heartedly..... a life, a future, a nomination and a real reality!

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