Thursday, August 28, 2008

Censorship in Malaysia


I suppose living in a multiracial country is not easy. Citizens seem united at work place, they talk and discuss freely, and we can do shopping and mingle with crowd of different races. We sit side by side with students of different race and religion in classrooms. No big deal.

But there are sensitive issues lingering over our heads and minds. It is best to leave some issues at bay and not to talk freely about them. Therefore there must be some control, to safeguard the well being of the mass. Sedition Act is one. ISA is another one to keep some in Kamunting for crossing the safety line.

Now Malaysia Today is being censored for crossing that safety and security line. Government has done it before over the years, Newspapers has been shelved once in a while.

Yes, we have to agree for the need of regulation in the so called freedom of expression. There should not be total freedom like living in a lawless state.

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