Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Permatang Pauh 5: To seduce is to lure


to seduce is to entice, to solicit and to lure....

Lure in fishing is nothing strange, most commonly known as bait or umpan (Bahasa Malaysia). Flies in local restaurant is always a nuisance. Some food outlets operators resort to most commonly used traps with sticky substances that are affixed to coloured surfaces. Flies will fly, get lured and get stucked. Keen gardeners on the other hand, will play with knowledge of insects world to get rid of the bad ones. As an example, ladybugs and butterflies will devour aphids, plant lice and scale insects on infested plants, rose bushes or shrubs. In real life, it is like spy eating up another spy, and they both are spies.

Rosemary Bennet wrote that Bush told Tony Blair of the extraordinary plan during a meeting in the whitehouse on January 31st 2003, six weeks before the Iraq War started. The plan to lure Sadam Hussein into war was to fly an aircraft into Iraq, painted with UN colours, in the hope that he will shoot it down.

I am looking at preludes to by elections as lure and enticement to get into trap. As in business deal, for an offer, there would probably be another counter offer, much better and alot more deadly.

Anwar being enticed now to go for counter "sumpah" that has been solemnly uttered by Saiful, a day before nomination. Where as Raja Petra, widely seen as Anwar,s ally, sacrificed himself with deadly Staturory Declaration. While Balasubramaniam with the second SD nullify the existence and substance of the first SD. And the rest of the crowd in Permatang pauh put everything else aside, concentrating onto the contents of lures and seduction by both sides.

The lures and traps now are meant for two important person in Malaysia that is Anwar Ibrahim and Najib Razak. The rest can just stay aside as the two scramble up the greasy pole.

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