Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Top Nine Hospitality Jobs in the Industry.

Thursday, 28th August 2008

The hospitality industry is one of the most vital sectors globally and is quite diversified, incorporating tourism, hotels, and casinos, among many other sectors.

In the past, the industry was perceived more as one that involved charity rather than professionalism. However, this perception has changed; people now see hospitality as a career field that requires academic qualification and strict adherence to a professional code and ethics for the particular job.

Rapid growth in this particular field has occurred over the past few years due to the growing need for qualified people and, more importantly, the increased appreciation of the role this sector plays in day-to-day activities. The hospitality field has expanded greatly and is now one of the greatest job providers and employers the world over.

Statistics indicate that at least 10% of the total population of a country works in its hospitality industry, with the field accounting for slightly less than half of the annual job vacancies.

Any person seeking to secure one of the top ten hospitality jobs in the industry should be aware of the requirements for these positions. Contrary to the popular belief that such jobs can be done by anyone who is willing, the positions require both academic and general qualifications in order to succeed in this field. As specialists in this industry come in direct contact with people, professionals in the field should possess to succeed in the industry.

Many institutions offer hospitality courses and/or programs to equip people with the skills necessary to work in this field. Individuals looking to enter the hospitality field should possess such a certificate in addition to being a graduate from a college or any other institution of higher learning.

Many people assume positions in the hospitality field receive little remuneration and require long hours with little reward. However, research indicates that the people in the hospitality field receive generous pay as well as a long list of benefits. According to analysts hospitality sector benefits cannot be compared to other lucrative jobs because, in the hospitality field, more expenses are covered, meaning employees have fewer expenses.

The jobs in the hospitality sector include management and hotel general manager. The general manager takes full responsibility for all hotel operations, including overseeing the financial affairs of the hotel. This position is also in charge of administration and generally ensuring that the operations of the hotel run smoothly. Applicants for such a position should have training and experience in a directly related field for at least two years. General managers currently earn, on average, $150,000.

Hotel clerk positions are equally competitive, with the starting salary averaging $20,000. The tasks involved in this job title include ensuring the comfort of guests in the hotel by assisting them in various ways, such as during checking in and checking out. Hotel clerks are also instrumental in providing relevant hotel information, such as the services available. Hotel clerks generally require six months of training.

Meanwhile, bellhops take care of guests as they arrive at the hotel by helping them with their luggage and familiarizing them with the various areas and departments of the hotel. Although training is required, the length varies. Bellhops earn, on average, approximately $15,000.

The convention and meeting planner organizes the resources and logistics of meetings and conventions held in the hotel. This position generally requires at least one year of training, and applicants should have in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of hospitality. Meeting planners average about $125,000.

Other top 10 jobs include the concierge, who helps guests by providing information on local services and opportunities and fulfills guests’ requests, as possible. After completing short-term training, the concierge earns an average of $35,000. Meanwhile, the maitre d' oversees all catering activities. This position requires knowledge in catering and earns approximately $50,000. Housekeeping staff earn an average of $40,000 to maintain cleanliness in the hotel.

In hotel casinos, a gaming dealer earns approximately $30,000 to be in charge of all the table games. This position requires experience in a casino. Meanwhile, a ticket agent helps clients reserve tickets for travel, earning on average $55,000.

The hospitality sector offers diverse opportunities for employment, with good salaries and benefits.

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The Top Nine Hospitality Jobs in the Industry.
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