Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Reforms Abdullah's way, too bad.


Of course, I wish reforms are for the better.

But things do not seem to work. In strategic planning, timing is far too important. Judicial Reforms (the so called) were badly timed. Far from reaping fruits, the trees are wilting. Zaid and Abdullah forget the timings of watering. It has to be done twice daily without fail. Now with Zaid gone hiding, prices are hiking, with inflation worsening, whats so damn good about reforms.

Reforms are not made in good faith. Folks believe, they are executed as a little back-hand smash to Tun Dr Mahathir. Too bad.

I thought Ulama, or son of Ulama, or grandson of Ulama, comprehend the true meaning of "niat" or intention. Since Abdullah is so fascinated by singapore swings and puttings, then a glimpse at this little posting is as good as given .... Singapore Justice: a Moving Target.