Saturday, August 30, 2008

Malaysia's Budget 2009: Eat more bihun and install solar panels to power your home and office

Besides full import duty exemption on vermicelli, biscuits, fruit juices and canned sweet corn, we are also getting exemption of import duty and sales tax on solar photovoltaic system equipment.

This is interesting because a solar photovoltaic system can be easily installed in any home or office. That means renewable energy can be readily available for us without having to wait for TNB to supply them. Heck, Dell Malaysia can even install it to power their Penang plant and really be carbon neutral instead of riding on the fame that the Dell US office got for using renewable energy.

However, at this moment Solar Photovoltaic Systems are still known to be rather costly. While I don't know the exact price, I am guessing that it is in the region of five to six-digit figures.

The US Department of Energy provides a simple explanation on what is a solar photovoltaic system.

Photovoltaic (PV) systems convert sunlight directly to electricity. They work any time the sun is shining, but more electricity is produced when the sunlight is more intense and strikes the PV modules directly (as when rays of sunlight are perpendicular to the PV modules). Unlike solar thermal systems for heating water, PV does not use the sun's heat to make electricity. Instead, electrons freed by the interaction of sunlight with semiconductor materials in PV cells are captured in an electric current. The PV system is reliable and pollution-free.

If you are still keen to get it for your home or office, click to download this PDF brochure. As for me, I am still saving up for it by frugally eating bihun and biscuits and canned sweet corn.

source: Malaysia's Budget 2009: Eat more bihun and install solar panels to ... Cnet Asia, CA

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