Monday, August 11, 2008

Aviation: Probe of Qantas in Malaysia

AUSTRALIAN regulators are investigating maintenance operations in Malaysia after the return of a Qantas Boeing 737-400 with a string of defects.

However, Qantas said yesterday a decision not to send two more 737s to Malaysia for heavy maintenance was unrelated to the CASA investigation.

Qantas engineers claimed two months ago that defects on the 737-400 included a galley so badly installed that a flight attendant received an electric shock, and problems with the navigation system and rudder.

Malaysia Airlines this weekend described the union claims as unsubstantiated. A spokesman said the repairs had been overseen by 12 Qantas engineers and all problems had been rectified to the Qantas team's satisfaction before it was delivered to Australia.

CASA spokesman Peter Gibson confirmed yesterday that the regulator was investigating the Malaysian maintenance operations. "We certainly have looked at it and we certainly still are looking at it," Mr Gibson said. "We haven't given them a clean bill of health but neither have we said that there are serious problems."

Qantas executive general manager, engineering, David Cox said the CASA review was not responsible for the airline's decision to overhaul two aircraft in Australia rather than Malaysia. "They've asked us some questions as a result of the interest in this check but they've made no directive at this stage," Mr Cox said.

Work at the airline's Tullamarine engineering facility had been deferred, and this had opened up the opportunity to bring the two 737s back in house.

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