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Doc who examined alleged victim on why he left M'sia:

ANWAR CHARGED WITH SODOMY Case was too high-profile

THREE visits from police officers made me fear for my safety and that of my family.

That is reason given by the doctor who examined alleged sodomy victim Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan on why he decided to leave Malaysia.

In a six-page statutory declaration made on 1 Aug, Dr Mohd Osman Abdul Hamid said: 'The seemingly constant and unending police investigation and being aware of the high-profile nature of the case has disturbed me tremendously and I become worried for my safety and that of my family.

'Approximately one week after the third visit by the police, I decided to apply for leave and left Malaysia with my family,' he said.

Mr Mohd Saiful first visited the Pusrawi Hospital and later another hospital before filing a police report accusing Parti Keadilan Rakyat leader Anwar Ibrahim of sodomising him.

Dr Mohd Osman had said in his medical report that he did not find evidence of sodomy. The report was leaked to the press.


He also said in his declaration that words and paragraphs were added to the statement he gave the police.

He said that in July 2008, his statement was recorded by ASP Rosmi Mat Derus from the Brickfields criminal investigation department.

The police officer wrote down about 10 pages of details in Malay, reported news website Malaysiakini.

He was then given a copy to sign.

The doctor, who is from Myanmar, said he did not understand most of what was written in the statement as he is not proficient in Malay.

The following week, the same officer returned with a typed statement in Bahasa Malaysia for him to read and sign, reported The Star newspaper.

However, Dr Mohd Osman said certain facts that were not discussed in the previous meeting had been introduced in the typed statement, namely Mr Anwar's name.

'I also pointed out to him that certain facts which had not been discussed in the previous meeting were introduced in the typed statements.

'The fact I queried was why the name of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim appeared in several paragraphs when it was never brought up during the first interview. Nor did the patient ever confide in me the identity of the alleged perpetrator.

'He (ASP Rosmi) replied that Anwar is the accused and I already by then knew Anwar was the accused after reading the newspaper,' he added.

Dr Mohd Osman said that he had hesitated to sign the printed statement, but had done so 'as I did not want to have any issues with the police'.

He said a week later, an officer from the Dang Wangi CID also recorded his statement.

'She asked me to explain, all over again, and I complied by explaining everything that I knew in detail the whole procedures in relations to the examination on the patient,' he said.

'At the onset of the interview, she impressed upon me that I would be charged if I refuse to cooperate with the police.'

Dr Mohd Osman reiterated that he stood by 'his findings' in the medical report.

He also described in detail, Mr Mohd Saiful's visit to the hospital.

'He was initially attended to by a female doctor but subsequently referred to me as the patient requested to be examined by a male doctor.

'Through my experience, I have encountered many similar complaints and I therefore proceeded with the appropriate examination on the patient,' said the doctor.

He proceeded to conduct a rectal examination and recorded his findings in Pusrawi Hospital's 'standard medical examination folder'.

The following widespread circulation of the report in verbatim - in the press and the Internet on 29 Jul - shocked Dr Mohd Osman.

He said that he only knew of the leaked medical report after he had gone on leave. According to hospital authorities, Dr Mohd Osman has been on leave since mid-July.

He was scheduled to resume his duties at Pusrawi Hospital on 1 Aug - the day he signed the statutory declaration - but cannot be contacted and has gone missing.

'I think he is afraid to return to duty,' Pusrawi Hospital medical director Dr Kamaruddin Ahmad told The Star.

Meanwhile, one of Mr Anwar's lawyers said the the former deputy premier and opposition leader has a 'watertight alibi'.

Mr Sankara Nair said though Mr Anwar was at the KL condo at the time of the alleged sodomy, he was there to meet five people.

Said Mr Nair: 'We have a watertight alibi and we have given the alibi (and their names) to the police during police investigation,' reported Malaysiakini.

'He had people all around because they were all having a meeting in that house,' he added.

Mr Nair said the unit was owned by Mr Anwar's friend.

He did not say if Mr Mohd was among those present.

Mr Anwar was charged for engaging in sodomy with Mr Mohd Saiful on 26 Jun between 3.01pm and 4.30pm at the condo.

Mr Anwar pleaded not guilty to the charge and was freed on personal bond of RM20,000 ($8,500).

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