Thursday, July 10, 2008

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Gorbachev and Vladimir Putin

As in Kuda Kepang

Dear Dato Ron,

The reality of politics in UMNO. Mandate for leadership may not necessarily reflect true grassroot sentiments. Leadership in UMNO, most of the time is well shielded.

The bitter truth emerge in election. Lessons learned in general election has not been put into corrective action. We thought we analyse well, but we dont.

Strategic planning in politics has different meaning as compared to the conventional environment. Everybody understands the bitter truth about leadership weaknesses. It is very difficult but it is true.

Again, we are human afterall, including Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Holding on the position is the natural thing to do, more so in politics.

As we mature, we may look less at personal interest, but more at the benefit of the society. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi may not be the best choice today.

Remember how China is succesfull in putting in reforms and how Russia suffered for years for thoughtless reforms decades ago. A writer has in fact placed Abdullah in Gorbachev mould.

And in Malaysia who will be the Vladimir Putin to put things right and strong years down the road?

May God bless us all.