Monday, July 28, 2008

John Piccolo: U.S. needs to get more oil out of ground

Sen. Barack Obama is correct when criticizing Sen. John McCain for demanding immediate drilling for oil off our shores. He declared that new drilling will not lower the price of gas today. That is correct.

However, neither will any of the ideas Obama has brought forth. The truth is new drilling started today would lower gas prices 10 years in the future from what they would be since it takes 10 years from start of drilling, building the infrastructure to collect and refine the crude, and delivering it to your local gas station.

The United States has one of the largest coal and gas reserves in the world. We can now burn coal as cleanly as oil and gas. Start burning coal in power plants. Start burning natural gas. Start building nuclear plants. Start drilling!

Gasoline conservation is a fraud relative to reducing oil requirements. Current estimates are that oil demand is estimated to grow 83 percent by 2020. No amount of gasoline conservation will prevent that.

More oil must be brought out of the ground. That is until coal, natural gas and atomic energy are used in place of oil, thus mitigating demand. Stop shipping our Alaskan oil to Asia and other countries. No oil from any United States property or possession should ship anywhere but here.

Let the other countries get caught up in the commodities speculation.

John Piccolo: US needs to get more oil out of ground
The News-Press, FL