Sunday, July 13, 2008

Shahrir! wanna try pakistani's way?

I should not ask Shahrir too often as if it is his sole responsibility to handle inflation in this country. But folks in general look at inflation in a very crude way, how much is take-home pay, how many things you can buy with it, and how much you can save. very crude, i agree but that suffice to survive through this turbulence.

I ask Shahrir because his mask is "integrity". He flashed the mask at the slightest disagreement with his understanding of integrity, fundamentals and principle. He swapped BN symbol for key, lembu or something for one little by election down south just to prove the point. Parliment saw his wits when he relinquish the burden of being chief backbencher. He likes something and people dont, therefore he quit. For that matter, shahrir quits more than once through his public life.

Then came ECM Libra. Definitely he shouted. But again, he was a different person then. He learned how to keep quiet when needed. He shut both his big mouth and the case. What a miss, a terrible miss. Otherwise he will quit again.... But of course he send few boys to court, you know that little story about buying spanners, screwdrivers, cellotapes, pencils, pens hammers etc. So sad, the aftermath of Direct Nego is hell to bystanders, while the drivers have right of way in a toll free highway. Yes, accidents do happen.

Then the current price hike. We look at Shahrir as saviour. But he cant talk much, since not all things done in thios country come from his mind and mouth. The reality of 4th floor boys is beginning to make sense to Shahrir and folks.

Shahrir, look at Pakistan for a change. But of course they are different, too eastern in nature, because some of us find it necessary to look west where skins are fairer.

Benazir Income Support Programme : 3.5 million households on monthly basis in order to mitigate inflation-stricken poorest segments of the society in the wake of an unprecedented hike in food items and petroleum products.

"The government has identified and given priority to unemployed, widows and disabled persons in the scheme in order to give them relief by providing cash subsidy to the tune of

Rs 1,000 per month in order

to mitigate the rising prices of food items and the POL products," a top official of the government told The News here on Saturday.

Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani is going to formally launch the Benazir Bhutto Income Support Programme within two weeks, probably when he would address the nation for giving his point of view on the first 100-day performance of the incumbent regime. ... Benazir Income Support Programme The News - International, Pakistan


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