Sunday, July 13, 2008

Why tie LCCT with Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar??

What is LCCT?

• The Low Cost Carrier Terminal, or LCCT, is a project specifically designed and built to accommodate the high growth of passenger movements for the Low Cost Airlines, especially the passengers of Malaysia's first 'no-frills' airline, Air Asia.

• Located about 20km away from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport's Main Terminal Building (MTB), the 35,290 square meters LCCT was constructed on a fast-track basis at the beginning of June 2005 and it's fully operational on 23rd March 2006. The total construction and other related costs of LCC Terminal are about RM108 million.

• The LCCT is supported by the existing parking apron and additional infrastructure such as surface access, curbside road, car parks, and other utilities are available. In observance to the Low Cost Carrier (LCC) business model, it is designed to facilitate the passengers' movement of international and domestic departures and arrivals within a single floor operation area.

• This terminal is managed and operated by Malaysia Airports (Sepang) Sdn Bhd.

When they tie Khairy with LCCT expansion project, definitely he gets very angry, very much in Pemuda fashion:-

1. KHAIRY Jamaluddin (BN-Rembau) yesterday challenged Wee Choo Keong (PKR-Wangsa Maju) to repeat outside Parliament his claims of shady dealings in the new Low-Cost Carrier Terminal expansion project.... The New Straits Times Online.

2. NAIB Ketua Pemuda Umno, Khairy Jamaluddin semalam mencabar Ahli Parlimen Wangsa Maju, Wee Choo Keong supaya mengulangi tuduhan bahawa beliau ada kepentingan di dalam AirAsia Berhad (AirAsia) dan syarikat pegangan pelaburan, FajarBaru Builder Group Bhd (FajarBaru) yang berpangkalan di Rembau di luar Dewan Rakyat supaya tindakan undang-undang dapat diambil ke atas Ahli Parlimen Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) itu. ... Berita Harian Online

3. Minus KJ but plus Tony Fernandes! Yesterday's StarBiz had a front-page blurb on the news that Kalimullah Hassan, the editorial adviser who filed a lawsuit with NSTP and three others against me in January, will be back in the driving seat of this boutique investment bank that once gave Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's son-in-law a "leg-up". Kalimullah sold off his shares together with Khairy Jamaluddin, better known as KJ, last year in the face of massive pressure from Dr Mahathir Mohamad [read here]. .... rocky's bru: Wayang over, Kali returns to ECM

For all we know, LCCT is the fashion of the day, a new business venture that was made possible by adventurous guy like Branson, and Bangalore is haviong it too, the expansion of LCCT.

4. Bangalore International Airport Ltd (BIAL) this month revealed a series of aggressive expansion plans at Bengaluru International Airport as it prepares for significant growth in demand. Plans include the development of an airport city, a dedicated low cost carrier terminal (LCCT) and Phase II expansion. ...Bengaluru - the next 'airport city' India Aviation.

5. Earlier, during the debate on the 9MP Mid Term Review, Wee implied that Khairy might be linked to Fajarbaru Builder Group Bhd, formerly known as Syarikat Pembenaan Fajar Baru (Rembau) Sdn Bhd.

Wee questioned the rationale behind the decision to award the RM123.9 million project to the group, which he said had no experience in building airports. ... Khairy: Report me if there's proof of shady LCCT deals New Straits Times

6. Fajarbaru Builder Group Berhad (KLSE:7047) on Monday said it has won a contract to expand the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) at KL International Airport in Sepang in the southern state of Selangor for a contract sum of RM123.9 million (US$38.9 million).... MALAYSIA'S FAJARBARU WINS CONTRACT TO EXPAND KL AIRPORT TERMINAL ...

7. Other projects by Fajarbaru: ESTABLISHED companies are partnering smaller firms to build parts of a RM3.45 billion rail contract because of a government mandate.This was explained by Datuk Low Keng Kok, managing director of Fajarbaru Builder Group Bhd. Fajarbaru is one of the companies that won a slice of the rail job.About three large companies have won contracts under a project to lay parallel railway tracks between Seremban and Gemas in Negri Sembilan. However, IJM Corp Bhd, Fajarbaru and Loh & Loh Corp Bhd had to partner smaller firms. IJM, for instance, won a RM490 million job but had to share 30 per cent of the work with Norwest Holdings Sdn Bhd.

Fajarbaru is partnering LTP Development Sdn Bhd, a Class A contractor, Low said. The contract is worth RM316 million."The federal government mandates that at least 30 per cent of the double tracking of railway packages go to Bumiputera contractors," he said.

BERITADARIGUNUNG: It cant always be fair, if a person is seen guilty by association. Like what Steve Martin said in Pink Panther ; "Crime is like a jigsaw puzzle, you have a jig, and you must have a saw. But where is your saw?" . But ECM Libra thing is different, where both jig and saw are tied up with a new concept of commodity i.e. integrity. Even Shahrir Samad noticed that early on, but he was quick enough not to ask probing questions and shut his mouth and the case.

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