Thursday, July 10, 2008

Americk Sidhu Singh terserempak dengan Balasubramaniam di restoren

Americk said he and Balasubramaniam met by chance at a restaurant about two months ago.

"Nobody introduced us and it was during our conversation that the subject of the statutory declaration (SD) was brought up.

"Balasubramaniam later engaged me as his lawyer, which was when I documented his SD," he said.
The lawyer said it had never crossed his mind to charge Balasubramaniam a fee as he merely assisted the private investigator in preparing the SD.

"The question of opening a file did not arise because I was not representing Balasubramaniam in a court case."

He added in view of the recent developments, his task was not over.

On the police report he lodged yesterday, Americk said it was to clear his name and for the safety of his client.

The lawyer pointed out that when Balasubramaniam retracted his first SD, he had said that the sworn statement was made "under duress".

"The retraction amounts to criminal defamation of my character, both personally and professionally. It implied that I forced him to come out with the SD. I have to clear my name."

Americk said his report also called for police to conduct an investigation to ascertain who were the people who forced Balasubramaniam to file his first SD.

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AsiaOne, Singapore