Sunday, March 16, 2008

BLOG: updates on Shahrir

Rakyat tuntut perubahan
1 hour ago by jumapx
Sementara itu Ahli Parlimen Johor Bahru, Datuk Shahrir Samad pula menganggap pilihan raya kali ini adalah suara rakyat yang menuntut perubahan yang dijanjikan pada pilihan raya 2004. Menurut Shahrir, daripada pilihan raya kali ini ...
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2 hours ago by Shahrir
Act cool only... Cheeseee... Sexy Back!!! Prison Break -_-. 'WATS up' 'Yo' 'Whatever'. Drunkard baboons... Must aim properly lol. Piano teachers suck... Mommy,Adli's hitting us with a drum stick again.
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The road never travelled
5 hours ago by Berita dari gunung
Said Datuk Shahrir Samad who was re-elected Johor Baru MP: “The PM is aware of his responsibility over the performance of the party but the focus now is to set up the government and to get it up and running. ...
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14 Mar 2008 by attack NAD!!
Shahrir, if there's something bothering you, I can definitely hear you out. If your friends (including me) have made you unhappy, I promise you I'll help. I've gone through it before. Everyone has. Geez, I see you almost everyday! ...
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14 Mar 2008 by ..::Ev︼@ngel::.
[1] A public audit committee chaired by parliamentarian Shahrir Abdul Samad was later set up to investigate allegation of wrongdoing done during the merger. The committee on August 10 concluded that the merger was done according to ...
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Wake UP, Mr. Badawi
13 Mar 2008 by dinobeano
What amazes me however is when the likes of Shahrir Samad tried to spin the recent election debacle into something else. He would like us believe that it was actually a positive development, the “maturing” of Malaysian society the ...
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media malaysia = komik yg bleh buat kita gelak
12 Mar 2008 by sha
Social Strategic Foundation executive director Datuk Dr Dennison Jayasooria and Umno supreme council member Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad said after winning the 2004 general election, the Prime Minister had opened up democratic space and ...
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Shahrir's Birthday Party.
11 Mar 2008 by Vanilla Latte
Last Saturday, we threw a birthday party for Shahrir He turned 21 last Friday and so far, this is the biggest birthday party we've ever organised although it was super tiring, i had to sleep for like 15 hours the next day to make sure ...
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Gayana Island Trying out digital signature..
10 Mar 2008 by Shahrir Ramli
Gayana Island Trying out digital signature..
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And she is going to make a change...
7 Mar 2008
by Grace
Datuk Shahrir is said to be a great man, a man of integrity and so yes, I am going to vote for him. I know all the hype about voting for the opposition has been going around, and if I could I would also vote for the opposition.. but ...
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