Monday, August 11, 2008

Can America confront Russia on Georgia?

Russia is determined to reclaim its lost ground at the end of the cold war. Russia is also determined to use oil as the spearhead of a new and stubborn superpower. The conflict in Georgia is symbolic and a direct challenge to America and in particular to Bush Administration including Dick Cheney.

It was interesting to see Putin and Bush sitting next to each in Beijing Olympics and chatting with each other as Georgian militia battled powerful Russian Army and Air Force. Russian Military action is not against Georgia. It is against United States of America as Georgia is the new obedient political and strategic satellite of America.

Georgia declared a state of war Saturday as fierce battles with Russia military over the breakaway region of South Ossetia entered their second day.

Russia has launched a full-scale military invasion of Georgia, President Mikhail Saakashvili said during a brief news conference Saturday afternoon.

"We are dealing with absolutely criminal and crazy acts of irresponsible and reckless decision makers, which is on the ground producing dramatic and tragic consequences," Saakashvili said.

The million dollar question for the international think tanks is that can America intervene and finally fight a war with an adversary of any real size? Fighting gainst Iraqis and Taliban was equivalent to Elephant finghtingt ants. But can United States really side with Georgia to challenge Russia in its own backyard?

Putin wants American money. Madvadev wants AMerica to understand that Russian territories is not Iraq or Afghanistan. Instigating former Soviet Republics will create chaos and war. At the same time, US should not have expecred a cake walk like Iraq and Afghanistan in meddling with powerbase of a formere superpower rich in oil, gas and minerals.

Does America have the will and resource to fight a real powerful enemy? Georgia needs American military to defend itself agaisnt Russia. Russia perhaps wants AMerica to intervene so that thet can teach Americans a lesson in their own backyard.

George Bush seemed anxious in the olympic opening ceremoney looking at his watch constantly and trying to whisper to Putin. America is overstreched in Iraq and Afghanistan in terms of military resource and busget deficit. George Bush confronts his life’s biggest challenge – can America defend Georgia?

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