Saturday, September 27, 2008

Commenting Malaysiakini: 1000 in anti-ISA march tonight

1000 in anti-ISA march tonight Malaysiakini
Sep 27, 08 8:08pm
breaking news About 1000 people are now marching from Dataran Merdeka to the Hindu temple opposite Puduraya bus terminal in solidarity against the Internal Security Act.MORE
  • Candlelight vigil on
  • AIM holds similar event

Old photo:anti isa dataran merdeka 270908 raja petra fans from Mariasamad...Anti-ISA vigil dispersed with water cannon...

anti isa dataran merdeka 270908 thanenthiran

please do not make any judgement on racial composition of street protesters. Yes, we claim to be united, but we are separated on racial lines. Ok, thats natural. (photos from Skuad Batu Tiga)


A perpetual street protest will not do any good to anyone. What is it for by the way? Assuming everything is done in the interest of Malaysians, then by all means use the domain of political arena, where ladies and lords sit side by side, on the left and right, front and back benches. The place has different rule where claps are replaced by bangings on the bench. It is a place where Members of Parliment can sit in or sit out, can discuss or keep quiet and can drink and talk in between sessions.

Of course, speeches are always interrupted by jeers. Some are met rudely, and sometimes the jokes and jeers are very much gamely. They are there to take part in the way things are destined, DEMOCRACY.

Street talks are not necessary. I have always stress the crucial point that politicians are different from ordinary folks. Where politicians find it easy to switch from points to another and argue today and renew friendships tomorrow, ordinary folks will find it very difficult.

The rigour of parlimentary debates thickens the skins of most politicians. Karpal is a veteran in the like of Tan Aik Huang, Rudi Hartono or the younger Rashid Sidek for Badminton. It's all about smashes and returns and deceptions. Yes they are alert most of the time, even while in wheelchair. They quarrel today and they laugh the next day.

Folks of the street are not all with thick skins. Emotions may sweep them off the reality. Ordinary folks may not be able to handle heightened pressure. If not handled carefully, there may be tensions that will lead to explosive demonstration of anger. God knows what that will lead to.

Why are we doing this? Why are taking things to the streets. Are we streetwise or streetmaniacs. Do we expect laws to be ammended by taking issues to the alleys. Who are we to know that cul-de-sac leads to nowhere. If demonstrations are organised or participated by politicians then we are crazy fools. Then politicians fail to make full use the sanctuary of Dewan Rakyat or people's hall.

Therefore politicians are greedy lots by taking both the hall and the streets. Let us pressure them to discuss and debate seriously in Parliment. Streets are for meant for us, folks to go about our normal life, for little kids to cross, for hawkers to get a few dollars more, for taxi drivers to get a few passengers more and the police to exercise their authority for the safety of us, the road users.

I thought when we put a big cross on ballot paper, whoever is elected will take our worries to parlimentary sessions. The dusty streets are not made for exhibition of anger!

On the final analysis, lets be fair. Lets us understand why ISA was drafted many years ago. ISA safeguard ordinary folks. ISA will keep away some for the benefit of ordinary folks. Thats all.

So, cant we toe the line and be civilised?

- beritadarigunung