Saturday, September 20, 2008

Commenting Malaysiakini "Pakatan's next stop: Istana Negara"

(There is a comment by BERITADARIGUNUNG at the end of this posting)

  • Pakatan's next stop: Istana Negara
  • Athi Veeranggan | Sep 20, 08 12:58pm
Pakatan Rakyat’s relentless pursuit to take control of the central government from Barisan Nasional could well take the opposition coalition to Istana Negara.
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Pakatan's next stop: Istana Negara)


Upholding racism, now thats what Pakatan been walking on. Tun Dr Mahathir in his latest post in chedet, simplify the complexity of Pakatan Rakyat into; PAS - predominantly Malay, DAP - predominantly chinese, Keadilan - i would say rise on ashes of Hindraf and therefore Indian sympathisizer. Say what they like, but the statesments of Karpal Singh can sometimes send shivers to the bones. Some folks believe, statements on racism are always dangerous.

And of course, forming a government is a process through general election. PRU12 April 2008, has given a strong mandate to Barisan Nasional to govern with a simple majority.

Observers note that for whatever weaknesses the present government may have, responsibility can safely be placed on Abdullah shoulder. We, Malaysians understand the virtue of being eastern.He has shed tears in the last Umno Supreme Council Meeting, and has been most serious about power transfer by letting Najib to handle financial matters.

In case people forget, Anwar too was in the same position before, when he was very immaculate and in his best image. Yet he failed. Years in Sungai Buloh could have turned him into a true economist and a true statesman. However, folks believe that Mandella is of different mould and breed. Anwar is no where near.

The King is for everyone. Pakatan may seek audience no doubt but for what? To tell the King that pakatan won PRU12 or to tell the King that some lawyers and businessmen had persuaded some 30 MPs to crossover with no undercounter money?

Anyway, Pakatan should practice uttering "Ampun Tuanku". Be sure Pakatan understands the true meaning of Ampuan Tuanku. It has certain meaning by the way , a solemn one. Ampun Tuanku is langguage of the royal court. Pakatan should be streetwise and not streetcrazy! We better be sorry - beritadarigunung