Saturday, September 20, 2008

From Malaysiakini: Group lodges police report against Anwar

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Group lodges police report against Anwar

Athi Veeranggan | Sep 19, 08 7:32pm

A fresh legal poser for Anwar Ibrahim emerged when a Penang group calling itself ‘Concern Citizens’ lodged a police report against the opposition leader for creating “instability, disharmony and disorder” over his Sept 16 plan to seize power.

In the police report lodged at 3pm at the Jalan Patani police station in Georgetown today, the de facto PKR leader was alleged to have incited public hatred against the duly-elected Barisan Nasional federal government.

penang citizen lodges police report against anwar ibrahim for sedition 190908 wan abidin zainGroup spokesperson Wan Abidin Zain claimed that Anwar’s relentless pursuit to take Putrajaya from BN’s grasp was “undemocratic, immoral and irresponsible”.

The group, comprising about 15 people, rapped Anwar of being selfish and inconsiderate by embarking to grab power last Tuesday, causing Malaysians to press the panic button fearing that the country was about to descent into unrest and uncertainty.

The group claimed that some parents did not even send their children to school and many went on a buying spree to stock up essential household goods.
“Anwar creating a near chaotic situation and panic among Malaysians. He posed a threat against the country’s economy and shook the confidence of foreign investors.

“He triggered a political crisis and stalemate on Sept 16,” said Wan Abidin, calling on the police to investigate Anwar for sedition and causing public disorder.

We're non-partisan

penang citizen lodges police report against anwar ibrahim for sedition 190908 01During the press conference by Wan Abidin, who claimed to be non-partisan, several others who were with him shied away from cameras to avoid being identified.

It is not clear whether they are linked to the ruling BN coalition.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Anwar was a threat to the country’s economy and security, but denied he would use the draconian Internal Security Act against his political opponent.

However, Abdullah’s statement and Wan Abidin’s police report today have raised concern among Pakatan Rakyat leaders and civil rights activists of a ‘bigger ISA operation’ to clamp down on political dissidents.

source: Group lodges police report against Anwar
Malaysia Kini, Malaysia


It is interesting to note the many shades of Malay. They come in black, brown, yellow and white. The so called Malays originated from various parts of the world and somehow they remain in a close circle of culture and religion. The Malays although being termed racist by some quarters had shown considerable amount of flexibility and tolerance. It was true in the old days and now. Therefore who is racist?

The guys in these photos must have ancestors far far away. It will not be wrong to suggest, their ancestors were from the southern continent.

Some would be quick to suggest that Wan Abidin hails from Kelantan or some part of Perak by virtue of 'Wan' in his name, but how wrong can they be. Wan Abidin is of dark complexion and sharp nose. Among close friends, a guy like him would simply be called as mamak. That is not a racist remark.

But when you start to bring a herd and send them off for a head on collision, then you become a dangerous racist! Those who hate racism and trying their best to break racial barrier, unconsciosly ignite racial tension and racial circle will recoil and spring back in an explosive manner. Lets everyone have their own circles be it race, status, religions or social standings. That is not harmful. How can it be?. Race is a large sponge to absorb discontent, then dilute and diffuse it.

To Anwar: Race is here to stay. Race is a large community where you can cling on and be part of. BN provides the larger community getting the peripheral of races close together and touches one another in a harmonious way. Spurts of speeches and remarks by guys like Anwar and the likes will break that flimsy barrier between races in this country. Once broken considered sold. Anwar is the seller but who is the buyer? Therefore BN or Perikatan will continue to be relevant in this lovely country, MALAYSIA. Merdeka!! - beritadarigunung