Sunday, September 21, 2008

Scrutinizing Malaysiakini on racial lines


I froze Malaysiakini at 6.22am on the 20th of September 2008. After a casual check, i notice this;-

1. There are a total of 18 articles on the main board. The articles are treating Teresa (4), Abdullah (3), Lim Guan Eng (1), Pakatan (3), Karpal (1), UPSR leaks (1), MIC (1), King (1), and Taking to courts (3). Some articles smell racism. Even while a writer tries to fight against racism, he or she may expose him/herself as being racist.

2. The line separating both sides is very fine. Sometimes we just have to recognise the race on factual lines and leave simply at that. Bringing herds for a head on collision, that is not wise and uncalled for. It is OK for politicians to speak like that. But ordinary folks have to get on with life. We are too inter-mingled to be racist. We dont enjoy the sanctuary of Parliament to say anything we like. Folks have to live in harmony.

3. Articles are written by several people. They are pathmawaty, chan kok leong, wong choon mei, syed jaymal zahiid, abdul aziz bari, rahmah ghazali, andrew ong, ong kian min, athi veeranggan (3 articles) and fauwaz abdul aziz

4. I am not trying to be racist by pointing out the probable race of writers. I sum this;

malay writer: 4
chinese writer: 4
indian writer: 2

5. That is a good composition, and it is almost the correct mixture in our Masyarakat Majmuk.

6. These were the articles frozen at 6.22 am :-
  1. MP Teresa Kok freed
  2. She plans to sue gov't for 'unlawful detention'
  3. Utusan dares Kok to take lie detector test
  4. Kok tells of her 7 days under ISA
  5. PM under pressure to quit by Oct 9
  6. Pak Lah-Anwar impasse headed for a climax
  7. Pakatan to meet on PM's refusal
  8. Anwar's takeover - king or Parliament?
  9. Karpal files RM10m suit against Umno-owned daily
  10. Blogger remanded for another day
  11. Are you man enough, Mr PM?
  12. VoxPop: King can end political stalemate
  13. The BN doesn't 'get' the Internet
  14. Group lodges police report against Anwar
  15. Pak Lah, be first PM to abolish ISA
  16. MIC MPs say no to Pakatan
  17. UPSR questions leaked... this time via SMS
  18. Penang deputy chief minister to sue tabloid
- beritadarigunung. cheers.