Friday, September 19, 2008

Rosmah: I Never Show Him My Sadness

  • To his family, Najib is a loving and humorous dad.

On the first day when her husband became the Deputy Prime Minister, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor has been well aware that her husband belongs to the nation and the people. She and her family can no longer be her husband's burden. Even when she was being mercilessly criticised, she has never shown him her sadness.

"This is my basic responsibility as the DPM's wife. Even if I'm pressured, I can't act like a spoilt child or complain to him like ordinary wives," she said.

She said if she cries in front of others, it will not only worry her husband but also those who want to embarrass her husband will as well gain their purpose.

She told Sin Chew Daily that sometimes her husband will comfort her that it is the price of being the DPM's wife.

Rosmah said her husband's responsibility is to resolve the country's and the people's problems. She has to be his supporter, handling all the chores and fully support him as a friend and wife.

She added that eveyone has privacy that should not be invaded by anyone, even his wife.

She said she would not mind if her husband set his sight on other women as it is normal for a man to look at women.

"I always believe that if it is yours, it will be yours. I don't want to focus on unnecessary things," said Rosmah.

She pointed out that her openness, tough character and the tacit understanding with her husband are developed after a long period of time. (Sin Chew Daily)

source: Rosmah: I Never Show Him My Sadness
Sin Chew Jit Poh, Malaysia