Monday, September 22, 2008

Toying with Malaysiakini PM UNDER NEW PRESSURE TO QUIT.

(There is a comment by BERITADARIGUNUNG at the end of this post)

  • PM under new pressure to quit
  • Malaysiakini 21 sep 08, 11:11am
Last week Abdullah faced an unprecedented challenge from within his cabinet, as four ministers spoke out against him at the Umno supreme council meeting.MORE

Commenting on Malaysiakini's PM under new pressure to quit, sep 21 08,

The pace is slow. The build-up is nationwide. Now that is the scale of the pressure calling Abdullah to quit sooner. The four supreme council members were reported to be Rafidah, Muhyiddin, Shafie Afdal and Hishammuddin. Only one member, Annuar Musa from Kelantan stood for Abdullah. Things could easily turned for the worst when najib found it necessary to stop and move on. Abdullah was said to be in tears then. Now such prelude was real and brave.

The response on the political tsunami was when Abdullah passed on MOF (Ministry of Finance) to his deputy Najib immediately. This could have been done sooner to show to the grassroot that he (Abdullah) is serious about power transfer. Once Abdullah responded to the pressure, there shouldnt be anymore second thoughts.

The rakyat were perplexed when Mat Taib were reported by Bernama to brush aside pressure as mere differences in opinions (click). Someone reported that Abdullah is now less serious about quitting because there is a real pressure from the backroom boys namely Khairy, Alwi and Zaki, to hold on.

Now with Anwar ready to play poker in Parliament and Tengku Razaleigh is ready for December, what would one expect Najib and Muhyiddin to do. Asking Abdullah to stay aside, and let them finish off whatever battle left.

It will be naive of Najib and Muhyiddin to stay where they are, come December 2008. What happen on thursday was a prelude to the real UMNO political Tsunami.

- beritadarigunung