Friday, September 26, 2008

Commenting Malaysiakini: Umno to hold emergency meeting

  • Syed Jaymal Zahiid
  • Sep 25, 08 3:03pm
BREAKING NEWS! updated 6.30pm Umno top brass will meet tomorrow to find a way for the PM to step down in favour of his deputy by early next year.MORE

  • Abdullah to step down earlier, may go on leave soon
  • Party elections likely postponed to early next year

Sad day for UMNO and its members because, there is a growing feeling that Abdullah and the supreme council is very concerned about face-saving.

What's more worthy will be the choices of Abdullah quiting now or face the reality of grassroot sentiments in october and december 2008.

Abdullah may not be fit to continue holding on the premiership. Mahathir is not wrong when he started hurling criticisms years ago. Premiership must go beyond projects and ringgits, it is in fact to provide a strong leadership for Malaysia and Malaysians. - beritadarigunung