Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Anwar through and through

Anwar Ibrahim: Malaysia’s Future Prime Minister, ask the Israilies?21 Mar 2008 by mindspring
I am not a fan of Anwar Ibrahim and I judge him not because I know him but because of the circle he hangs out with. So its pretty much guilt by association. Please read my earlier post: Reasons to doubt Anwar Ibrahim Mar 20, ...
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Conspiracy Theory
27 Mar 2008
by renaissance.my
RPK has provided us an insight to the conspiracy theory regarding the elevation of DS Anwar Ibrahim as Malaysia’s 6th Prime Minister. Well, I must admit that I’ve already heard/read most of the theory written here, but this is the first ...
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Anwar Ibrahim is a Moron!
26 Feb 2008
by Pasquale
Malaysia's opposition figurehead Anwar Ibrahim vowed Tuesday to end race-based discrimination policies, lower fuel prices and fight corruption in a policy manifesto ahead of March 8 polls. Anwar, who was deputy prime minister until ...
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