Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Anwar: the connections in Imran's view.

Imran said...
Najib had explained that Saiful came to his office three months ago to get a support letter. The photo with Najib's aides was taken then. I am more inclined to think that Saiful is planted to tarnish Najib more than Anwar.

I don’t believe the allegation against anwar as much as I don't believe the other allegations and slanders running wild from both sides. We have seen the very systematic and professional strategy employed to slander Najib and his wife. I guess Najib’s long experience in politics has prevented him from making mistakes such as using his position to shut the witnesses’ mouth, unlike Anwar back in the 1990s. The use of C4 is just a strategy to link Najib with the Altantuya's murder.

I don’t believe that this episode is BN’s engineering for the reason that the BN are very well aware of how damaging the 1998-1999 experience had been and to be using the same trick is plainly committing harakiri.

The accusation against Anwar is probably meant to slander the BN more than Anwar. We could already see that many Malaysians are quick to point fingers at BN, particularly Najib, the real political target.

I believe Saiful is a player of a conspiracy to damage BN. It is puzzling that pictures of him with Najib’s assistant, Azlina, Dato’ Mustapha could be produced in lightening speed, or as someone had claimed, to be already published by bloggers or Saiful himself several months ago. What more, it’s already in Wan Azizah’s phone. I would not be surprised if Saiful, in the next few days, weeks or months, admitted that he had falsify the allegation under duress, insinuating Najib's involvement with the crime.

The allegation is a strategy to trigger a domino effect that could push the country into another anarchic like episode, similar to what we saw in 1997-1999: the world economy plunging; similar accusation leveled against Anwar; the BN leader's refusal to step down; BN breaking up and; opposition gaining momentum.

The question is what are the end points?
(1) Destroy BN for good. The 1997-1999 episode had weakened BN tremendously. Another uprising will deliver the final blow that would destroy BN for good.
(2) Unite the oppositions who are clearly cracking up, and to deviate attention from the repeated blunders committed by PR government.
(3) Pushing oppositions into government
(4) Pushing the country into anarchy
(5) The final endpoint is to destroy Islam in Malaysia, being the only country where Muslims are progressive

Based on the tract record of BN, I am not really against other political parties taking over the government. However, the current PR pack, set up in a haste, and which appeared intent to gain leadership in an undemocratic ways, would not be my ideal government in waiting. Particularly, when their supposedly representative of Islam, PAS, aside from some rhetorics from Pemuda PAS, had badly failed to represent the voice of Islam.

In conclusion
(1) I don’t believe the sodomy allegations against Anwar back in the 1990s as much as I do not believe that they were staged by Mahathir. I believe both Anwar and Mahathir were victims of the puppet master. It was unfortunate that Mahathir had fallen into the puppet master's trap by committing one mistake from another.
(2) I don’t believe the recent sodomy allegation against Anwar and I also don’t believe the allegation was engineered by BN. If BN had wanted to slander Anwar, for sure they would plant some other low profile individuals, rather than Saiful who's photos taken with BN officials are of no secret, being published in some blog since the last few months.
(3) I don't believe the allegations against Najib and his wife. It is unfortunate that Anwar and Wan Azizah had taken used the issue to support them politicallyWho is/are then the puppet master? Think!
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