Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Police Report by Anwar Ibrahim
7 hours ago by PA POLICE REPORT LODGED BY tDATO’ SERI ANWAR IBRAHIM. 1ST July, 2008. I, Anwar b Ibrahim, (RIC No: 47010-07-5095),hereby make the following police report based on information that I have recently received. ...Dr. AX Jayakumar - http://drxavier.wordpress.com[ More results from Dr. AX Jayakumar ]

A conspiracy plot orchestrated by Anwar Ibrahim?
4 hours ago by freelittlebrain The sodomy saga that Anwar Ibrahim has been accused of again attracted public opinion and media interest both domestically and internationally. This is one of the political stories that attracted the most public attention. ...FREELITTLEBRAIN - http://freelittlebrain.blogspot.com/

ANWAR IBRAHIM - Safety Assurance
13 hours ago by shahrulpeshawar KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar have given assurances on Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s personal safety but advised that the law be allowed to take its course. “We assure him of his personal safety. ...Dunia Kemanusiaan - http://shahrulpeshawar.wordpress.com

Anwar Ibrahim’s Police Report
6 hours ago by chinhuatw POLICE REPORT LODGED BY DATO’ SERI ANWAR IBRAHIM I, Anwar bin Ibrahim, (NRIC No: 470810-07-5095), hereby make the following police report based on information that I have recently received. 1. This report is in relation to the ...People are the boss - http://chinhuatw.wordpress.com

Anwar Ibrahim: Kedutaan Turki
2 hours ago soc.culture.malaysia: Anwar Ibrahim: Kedutaan Turki.newsgroups.derkeiler.com: soc.culture.malaysia - http://newsgroups.derkeiler.com/Archive/Soc/soc....

Democracy Part XIII: Anwar Ibrahim Flees Malaysia's Democracy
29 Jun 2008 by Larry Catá Backer After returning in triumph following a vindication on the charges of sexual corruption, Anwar Ibrahim and his political allies appeared poised to become a potent force in Malaysia--perhaps even strong enough to overturn the politics of ...Law at the End of the Day - http://lcbackerblog.blogspot.com/

Malaysia - Turkish envoy summoned for giving Anwar Ibrahim refuge
11 hours ago by admin Kuala Lumpur, June 30 (IANS) Malaysia has objected to the Turkish embassy giving refuge to opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, accused of sodomy, and summoned the ambassador to ask him to explain what amounted to “meddling” in its internal ...AussieIndoLanka-Blog - http://www.linkingpeopletogether.com/

REUTERS: Anwar Ibrahim quitting his Turkish Embassy refuge
14 hours ago by Saidul A Shaari Technorati Tags: malaysia,malaysiakini,news,politics,anwar ibrahim Yes, Malaysians will be talking about Anwar Ibrahim and the end of his Turkish refuge this morning. But hey, isn’t it a bit sudden? I wonder why Anwar Ibrahim abandoned ...Malay Women - http://malaywomen.blogspot.com/[ More results from Malay Women ]

Political assassination in Malaysia - the likely target
11 hours ago by KTemoc I wonder whether Anwar Ibrahim, who told the Australian media that when he was in prison, he was comforted by both the Quran and Shakespeare, would appreciate this quote from Julius Caesar: Act 3, Scene 2: For Brutus, as you know, ...KTemoc Konsiders ........ - http://ktemoc.blogspot.com/ - References

Anwar’s Police Report
4 hours ago by ar PKR leader Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim has lodged his police report at the Selangor Police hq today. Lets see the story un-fold! Read the full report below. I, Anwar Ibrahim, hereby make the following police report based on information that ...Politickler - http://politickler.com