Monday, September 15, 2008

Black/White: Mahathir, Abdullah and Anwar.


........ and of course, photos here are in black and white. But life is always colourful especially those whose life has been the centrespread in media. Now lets look at their existence and impact on Malaysians.

One has been there for a long 22 years, bringing Malaysia and Malaysian to where they are now. He is known to be harsh and tough. But Malaysia is never safer having him. He fought tough battles. He set manageable goals and pay attention to explain important actions in the simplest langguage.

[Badawi, Abdullah Ahmad][Ibrahim, Anwar]
The other one had just finished a term. He is the weaker one. Turmoil occurred every now and then. Lots of effort has been laid to put out fire. He is reactive in nature.

The third one is special. He was never up there. He always think he can do wonders even though records showed something else. But he is good with words.

Splashing colours onto their photos, which one will turn out with more colours? and which one will remain as negative? .

It will be dangerous if the photo is infact a negative, and the person himself is very much negative in attitudes and worldview.