Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Anwar through pakshah

Today, about 1000 some say actually about 500 (the rest are passers-by and shoppers) Umno members, led by Azahar gathered at Komtar, where the state gov't office is situated.
They were shouting and screaming like crazy nuts protesting against the DAP-PKR joint gov't's uncompromising stand against the NEP. (This New Economic Policy/DEB is already 37 years old).
Banners declaring Hidup Melayu (Long live the Malays), Melayu Pulau Pinang menyokong kepimpinan Pak Lah (the Penang Malays support Pak Lah's leadership), Anwar Ibrahim pengkhianat bangsa (Anwar, traitor of the Malay race), Tak akan Melayu hilang di Pulau Pinang ( Malays will not be sidelined in Penang) ,Kepimpinan DAP dibantah oleh Melayu Pulau Pinang ( Penang Malays against the DAP led gov't) and Jangan hapuskan DEB (Don't terminate the NEP). - http://pakshah.blogspot.com/2008/03/umno-protests.html