Saturday, September 13, 2008

AHMAD ISMAIL/TERESA KOK: Race and Racism, Merdeka and Muhibbah.


We define ourselves by the communities into which we have been born and nurtured - often along lines of race and ethnic identification. Racial and ethnic identification may have a profound influence on interpersonal relationships, life, business and politics.

Originally communities occupied a particular piece of land, before being dispersed through voyages, trades, collonisation and slavery. Examples are:-
  • Melayu - Malay archipelago
  • China - China Mainland
  • India - Southern Continent
  • Maori - New Zealand
  • Anglos dan Saxons - England
  • Mayan - Central Amerika
  • Masai - West Africa
  • Pueblo - New Mexico
  • Arab - Middle East.
For fear of being called racist, now lets LOOK at race and racism in pictorial form.

The meaning of being Malaysian.

Togetherness among Malaysians

Malaysia is a unique country. Malaya is a country situated in Asia. Hence, it is Malaysia when combined with Sabah and Sarawak. Malaysia is brought together by multi-racial community, Malays and other bumiputeras together with Chinese, Indian, and other minority ethnics. Therefore, there must be a great deal of understanding to achieve peace and harmony. This is what makes Malaysia unique. There is no other country in the world that was brought up together by more than three races. This effort will be continued to ensure the stability of Malaysia.

At the beginning, there’s seggregation. People could not act together as one. When they realise the strong point of working together, the nation of Malaysia has been living together with the principle of “muhibbah” or togetherness since the day Malaya, now Malaysia, gain its independence in 1957. It has been tough but it is worthwhile. As to know how the story began, we should start with the Malacca Sultanate.

During the glory of the Malacca era, it caught the world’s attention as a meeting point between the East and West. It is the envy of many power-hungry nation. Although China and India are strong countries, they don’t try to annexe Malacca because there was a bond of trade and brotherhood between them. 100 years later, things changed when the Malaccans fought with each other to monopolize power on the land to other Malay states, making it vulnerable for occupation from external power-hungry and greedy nations. Because of these powers, there were Chinese and Indian migrants whom today included as part of the Malaysian people.

At that time, the multi-racial society was seperated from each other because the superpowers know from the beginning that when we work together, we could defeat them. This seperation went on for days and months and years. 300 years later, the people finally found out the importance of togetherness, specifically when handling the Japanese Occupation crisis, at that time. Since then, they began working profusely together to gain independence. Thanks to our Father of Malaysia, we are all free from colonisation. We should be concern of this changing point of the Malaysian history, as not to let history repeats itself.