Sunday, October 26, 2008

Commenting malaysiakini: Teresa, Hamid and Josephine

Oh, bukankah kita semua sering minta difahami. Anak-anak minta perhatian. Suami isteri saling beri/terima perhatian. yang sedang bercinta makin galak dan serasi bila ada understanding... Dalam berbilion manusia ada Tiga (Teresa, Hamid dan Josephine) sedang berdansa ikut tarian terkini. Lagu bangsa dan agama. No! Bukan lagu rakyat atau nasyid! Its not folk song or hymns from cathedral choir. It is a manipulative political songs bordering insanity, where history has splashed red paint on its pages. Irish are not jokers to be taken for granted and Palestine is oozing blood through Jordan River..... now thats the reality of song, the real song.

From Malaysiakini
S Pathmawathy
Malaysiakini: Regarding Utusan Malaysia, where there has been a clamouring of voices for action to be taken against the daily for some articles that have been published – the 'cerpen' (short story) and the poem. What is your reaction to that?
From Malaysiakini
Syed Hamid: Utusan 'given warning'
S Pathmawathy | Oct 24, 08 1:01pm
The Malay daily has come under severe criticism for publishing a short story on the assassination of a politician modelled on opposition parliamentarian Teresa Kok.

2. Teresa is just too tiny to soak hands in the red water of Jordan River or too modern to understand the death of irish matyr in prison, thinning to death.

3. The game played by some politicians is almost at the circumference of insanity. We can read the white paper of Musa Hitam to appreciate the insanity of games. The white paper could have turned yellow or at worst eaten by termites, but the pain remains in the heart of millions. Would Teresa care?

4. Would Teresa care about the plight of Budget Taxi drivers skinned alive in the red hot tarmac of KLIA for 145 ringgit more. What the hell is Transport Fund?... the billions donated by folks as they queue to the pumps. These drivers sleep at road shoulders to wake up in time for the next trip.

5. Then Azan becomes an issue worth yelling about. For God sake, has anybody gone to get petitions against funeral drummings. And yet folks, black, white, blue, yellow and red form waves in the crowd of Lion Dance. Are we not Malaysians?

6. Politicians extend their PRU12 campaign period aggresively. We send them to the parliment to debate, and yet they find it convenient to parade on streets. Not all street allow dual traffic flow, some are one way. Worst still, some are cul-de-sacs. A point of no return!!

7. Can we start learning to live together in peace as we have done decades ago. And as for Syed Hamid, nobody can argue the power in your hands. Use it wisely.

8. To politicians, take off your winter coat of political absurdity and pick up flowers of the spring, the unity of folks. Look around and embrace reality. That cerpen is not even real, otherwise it will be called "news". By the way, Josephine is such a lovely name.............

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