Sunday, October 26, 2008

What BLOGGERS say about Malaysian Taxi

  • Of course, one may have 5 vehicles but at times taxi may just be the kind of transport one needs. Why 5 vehicles? Five, because thats the maximum number of vehicles a person will get rebates for petrol hike. So what is the statistic on 5 vehicles owner? Oh, gone are the days when dad will be lucky to have 5 bicycles. I suppose things get better over decades......
  • So lets see what bloggers think of taxi, the other vehicle that we have got into and never own one.

1. Look me in the eyes, and you'll catch a glimpse of truth.
15 hours ago
by sorrow
in malaysia, taxis are really common, it's everywhere. this man is on a business trip to malaysia. once he got out of the airport, he hailed for a taxi, and soon, one came in his direction. the driver offered to help put the luggage in ...

2 Taxi in Malaysia
30 Sep 2008 by (anhkeen)
anhkeen posted a photo:. Taxi in Malaysia. Make sure you bargain for a better price.

3 sometime i hate taxi at malaysia.....too
18 Sep 2008
by ariff
The ads promoting "Malaysia: Truly Asia" aim to welcome visitors with a warm smile to a prosperous and modern nation, so the taxi fleet branded "the worst in the world" can come as a bit of a shock. Even the locals are not spared the ...

4 Malaysia visit in Jan 09 - some questions
24 Oct 2008

Best way to get from KLIA to RMAF Muesum for a visit , presume taxi (cost ???) and can you get taxi back to KLIA from muesum easily. 3. Which if any airlines that fly KL - HKG ??? apart from MH & CX ?? looking at other carriers! ...

5 Taxi in malaysia
17 Sep 2008
by The Son of Asia
agence france-presse - 9/18/2008 2:55 am gmt malaysia's 'worst in the world' taxis tarnish national image the ads promoting "malaysia: truly asia" aim to welcome visitors with a warm smile to a prosperous and modern nation, so the taxi ...
6 Malaysia taxi: worst in the world
18 Sep 2008 by ZACH
conclusion: the standard of taxi service in malaysia has been a nagging problem. there seems to be no improvement in all aspects of this public service. i think the relevant authority should come down hard and harsh on them because ...

7 Taxicabs of Malaysia
16 Oct 2008

The reputation of Malaysia’s taxi service has been marred by the poor conduct of local taxi drivers, who have been known, among others, to refuse using taximeters, overcharge and pick-and-choose which destinations they will travel to, ...

8 Taxi to pangkor and other malaysian destinations
7 Jul 2008
by pangkor
it doesn’t make it easier for travelers to find cheap transport. we from pulau found a reliable taxi organization, they do not charge those additional costs and thus they’re cheaper. here’s what they off, taxi in malaysia.

9 Malaysia branded worst taxi service in the world!
17 Sep 2008
by DannyBoy
"i first visited malaysia in 2006 and i was impressed by everything i saw except for the worst taxi service i have endured," said kabir dali, an indian tourist waiting in vain for a metered taxi at another mall. ...

10. Taxi cab confessions
12 Sep 2008
by Michele
first, i do want to be clear that the p&g taxi driver, rahman, is one of the nicest men i’ve ever met. not to mention he’s carted me all around malaysia in the wee hours of the morning. i am truly grateful to him. ...

My conversation with a taxi driver11 Sep 2008 by Bolehlah
New blog on the block. Check it out. Forum: site;

Malaysia has the worst taxi services
18 Sep 2008
by Alifah Amelya
According to the report, Malaysia is rated as the worst among 23 countries in terms of taxi quality, courtesy, availability and expertise. [ click here to read the news] Hmmm...why wasn't i suprised? Because it's true! ...

About Taxi
29 Aug 2008
by Budin
City taxis are metered. In Kuala Lumpur taxis are easily recognizable by their colours. Taxi fares are calculated according to meters. The flagged down fare is RM2.00 for the first two kilometers and 10 cent for every 200m there after ...

Ngv taxi in malaysia - cheapest fares in the world?
27 Jun 2008
by NGV Installer Malaysia
i took a taxi from ktm komuter, batu tiga, shah alam to bukit jelutong, shah alam which merely 7–8km only. it costs rm10. incredibly high! tags: ngv+taxi, teksi+ngv, lembah+kelang, klang+valley, tambang+teksi, taxi+fares, malaysia+ngv.

Malaysian Taxis - Worst in the World?
28 Sep 2008 by (Johnny Ong)
International news are highlighting that Malaysian taxis are the worst in the world. It's definitely not a propaganda by any parties but it's a fact. Though not all taxi drivers are terrible but majority of them are good enough to ...

Failure of Malaysia: Taxi issues tarnish the image of the country
30 Sep 2008
by teckkim
I came aross with this advertisement board “Malaysia, Truly Asia”. The very first thing that flashed in my mind when I saw the ads is that the service providers in the country-especially the taxi drivers in Malaysia do give foreign ...

21 Sep 2008
by Chua Eng Han
Try waive your hand to stop a taxi in Kuala Lumpur or any town in Malaysia. Most likely you will feel angry, disappointed or cheated with the taxi drivers in Malaysia. Here, I came across two articles in the net about Malaysia taxi. ...

Tough job finding honest taxi drivers
8 Jul 2008
by sns
While Nanda has an option, some don’t, and that includes both consumers and cabbies. Perhaps it’s time a compromise was made, one that would benefit all parties. Source : STAR [tags : malaysiahotelnews hotels malaysia resorts news ...

19. Taxi service in malaysia - claimed worst in the world!
19 Sep 2008
by AhSi aka seryuen aka Michael
an interesting article posted by a france newspaper claiming that malaysia got the worst taxi service in the world…yup, you see it right!!! to the malaysian, we have suffered enough and ahsi hope that the government will look into it ...

Beware of malaysia's taxi drivers
15 Jul 2008
by eric
dear all, air purifier in malaysia taxis (must read for your own safety!!) no matter the taxi driver is chinese, malay or indian, please be aware! if you notice that there is a sound of spray of perfume or air purifier inside the taxi, ...