Sunday, October 26, 2008

Nelayan is not always at sea.

Oh that writer...... when he painted every moment in writings. A day and a book. The old man and the sea......... and we may take for granted that nelayan is always at sea playing with nature. No, Nelayan may also be on land, for everyone to visit.

Nelayan, Bakerz In
22 Oct 2008
by SaSHa
nelayan menu kemaren sama ayah and his delegates makan di restoran nelayan, manggala wanabakti.. it's a chinese seafood restorant.. pertama dikasih udang, trus sea cucumber + mushroom + sawi, trus ikan digoreng saos asem manis, ...

Nelayan & Si Pemukat
9 Oct 2008
by Nikon Creative Eyes

iftar at nelayan titiwangsa
28 Sep 2008
by jetsetter
guess it's a good time to have big buffet fast breaking. finding the place to do buffet is easy.thanks to jenoba ( jenan's old boys) .managed to gather urmm..around 20( guess so) of us for the buffet that day.rm 35 perperson. ...

Kampung nelayan BBQ at 1 borneo, Sabah
28 Sep 2008
by sabahking
There is one steambot buffet restaurant in 1 borneo know as Kampung Nelayan BBQ Hotpot. At 28 September 2008 , my friends and I have the chance to do the steambot at there. This is the photo i take before i enter the restaurant. ...

nelayan indonesian restaurant
29 Jul 2008
by Chloe
located in a strip mall on the corner of old alabama and holcomb bridge road just east of ga 400, nelayan is one of only a handful of indonesian restaurants in atlanta (which numbers less than 5). it is odd because there’s actually a ...

istana nelayan
9 Jul 2008
by Lyn
a restaurant located in the the gate of serpong exit ~~kebun jeruk toll road~~, inside the setos or serpong city square called istana nelayan. the setos itself is not interested at all. few cars parked during sunday-school-holiday ...

Gelombang Tinggi, Nelayan Sendangbiru Tak Melaut
19 Oct 2008

Dalam sepekan, 20% nelayan Pantai Sendangbiru, Malang tak melaut. Pasalnya, cuaca buruk, gelombang tinggi di atas 3 meter & angin kencang terus melanda Perairan Laut Selatan Pulau Jawa.

nelayan indonesian restaurant
29 Jul 2008
by Chloe
the scoop: nelayan 1570 holcomb bridge rd roswell, ga 30076 (770) 650-7775. nelayan on urbanspoon. technorati tags: nelayan, indonesian cuisine, indonesian restaurant, roswell, holcomb bridge rd., kambing, bihun, atlanta restaurants.

Gambar2 Restoran Nelayan dgn Peta utk ke sana
7 Sep 2008
by shauqi
Ni la keadaan Restoran Nelayan Titiwangsa untuk tatapan korang.. mmg grand... Ni adalah peta nak p Restoran Nelayan Titiwangsa. Restoran ni terletak di Tasik Titiwangsa Kuala Lumpur dekat eye on Malaysia. Peta bawah ni adalah google ...

nelayanbali | nelayan seafood restaurant
20 Jun 2008
by handriroyan | an international restaurant located in tanjung benoa, nusa dua, bali. we serve fresh seafood, european food, italian food, chinese food, indonesian food, balinese food. please call 776868 to arrange free pickup from/to ...